May 30 - June 1 2018, Tomsk


"EdCrunch Tomsk" is a Siberian branch of one of the largest conferences in Europe in the field of new educational technologies in secondary, higher and professional education "EdCrunch-2018".

EdCrunchTomsk key idea is to discuss the effectiveness of educational technologies, their correlation with the new generation psychological features in the framework of Advanced Learning Technologies (ALT). The ALT ideology is in the transformation of traditional educational process, blending learning and e-learning into a new format of advanced technology-based learning based on intelligent learning environments that ensure effective interaction of pedagogy, technology and their merge for better learning process.


Conference participants

  • Specialists in open and e-learning
  • Representatives of educational organizations engaged in the development and promotion of technology in education
  • Startupers in EdTech
  • Educational program supervisors, teachers, graduate students and undergraduates
  • Employees of general and secondary vocational education
  • Anyone who is interested in digital technologies applied in education

At the conference we will discuss

  • What are the trends of modern technologies in e-learning?
  • Breakthrough innovations field which technologies and methods are necessary?
  • How to create successful technological learning environments and organize learning process with the help of LMS?
  • What are they, experts of the future, and how to design personalized learning paths for the new generation learners?
  • What are the prospects for joint Advanced Learning Technologies and entrepreneurship projects?
  • What are the trends in machine learning and cognitive technologies in education?
  • What are today innovations in pedagogy and online teaching?
  • Adaptive and mixed training. How does education adapt to the present?

The Forum is organized with the support of the Rybakov Fund and the Ministry of Education and Science of the Russian Federation within the framework of the priority project "Modern digital educational environment in the Russian Federation" of the state program "Development of Education" for 2013-2020 (MISIS project).

Organising Committee

Eduard Galazhinsky
Rector of Tomsk State University
Alevtina Chernikova
MISiS rector
Igor Rybakov
Rybakov fund co-founder and council member
Elena Ulyanova
Rybakov Fund president
Galina Mozhaeva
Director of the Institute of Distance Education
Elena Ryltseva
Delegate manager
Viktoriya Dubrovskaya
Partnership manager
Ulyana Zakharova
7th Siberian MOOC school coordinator
Alena Boyko
"EdCrunch Park" exhibition coordinator
Anastasia Lozinskaya
Manager on housekeeping issues
Darya Shabalina
Student and pupil track coordinator
Kristina Tanasenko
Student and pupil track coordinator
Andrey Parhomenko
Student and pupil track coordinator
Maria Korotkaya
Pupil track coordinator
Anna Stroiteleva
General issues manager
Yulia Kovshirina
Medical education track coordinator
Alexander Fadeev
Engineering education track coordinator
Artem Feshchenko
Head of Department of Information Technologies of the Institute of Distance Education
Damir Yakupov
Tech specialist
Anton Terentiev
Videoconference and data sets
Alexander Stepanenko